S. Virginia Person founded ACCEPT Consulting Services in the 1995 to
consolidate her activities as a free-lance computer instructor and trainer,
as well as her work as an accountant.  An early client for ACCEPT
Consulting Services was INUIT Inc., the developers of QuickBooks
accounting software.  Mrs. Pearson developed a training manual that INUIT
used to train their software support staff.

In an effort to expand her business, and through her husband’s work in the
field of transportation, Mrs. Pearson became aware of the need for a
southern Arizona based transportation data collection firm.  Starting with
just a few tally boards and tube counters, the firm quickly established itself
in the local market.  ACCEPT Consulting Services has grown due to its
dedication to accuracy and quick response time.  Accuracy is a “must” in
transportation data collection.  ACCEPT Consulting Services uses a core
group of highly trained and experienced data collectors.  ACCEPT rarely
uses temporary agencies for traffic counting personnel.  ACCEPT
Consulting Services’ response time is the other key factor in the company’s
success.  The transportation-consulting firms that are the firm’s primary
clientele, don’t want to wait weeks for their information, they want it NOW!  
ACCEPT has been able to meet this need through innovative uses of
technology and fully equipped response vehicles.

The owner’s husband, William Pearson, worked for a major transportation-
consulting firm for over 12 years.  He now brings all of this experience to
ACCEPT Consulting Services.  William Pearson came to work for ACCEPT
full-time in November 2000.  Mr. Pearson was the principle support
professional for the National Cooperative Highway Research Program
project (NCHRP) 3-45 “Speed-Flow Relationships for Basic Freeway
Segments” and was the supervisor of data collection for NCHRP 25-6
“Intersection Air Quality Modeling”.  Mr. Pearson was one of  INFO World
magazine’s Top 100 IT Innovators (number 21) based on his use of video
and GPS technology during a data collection project for the U.S. Department
of Energy.  

Mr. Pearson has worked on several projects related to the I-19 corridor. For
the “I-19 Truck Origin and Destination Study” Mr. Pearson supervised data
collection and analysis. This study investigated truck routing near the
international border using license plate matching.  Another border study in
which Mr. Pearson was involved was the “Expedited Processing at
International Crossings (EPIC)”.  Mr. Pearson supervised field data
collection efforts for the EPIC project at the Mariposa Road International
Border Crossing.  EPIC's field operational testing evaluated the capability of
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) to more efficiently process motor
carriers through international border crossings.  As a senior transportation
planner and head of data collection for the consulting firm, Mr. Pearson
participated in several major corridor studies in Arizona, California, and
New Mexico, software development related to safety studies,
transportation noise analysis, and land-use issues.

ACCEPT Consulting Services offers traffic data collection services (traffic
volume tube counts, turning movement counts, stop delay studies, parking
studies) as well as data analysis, computer assistance, site photography
and video logging & editing.  Please contact us for any related services you
may require.
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